“ Poor production visibility and manual data entry leads to inefficiency and delays. After all how can you improve if you can't measure it.“

Manual Data Entries

(Operator Dependent)

One of the most pertaining problems in the Manufacturing Industry today is the problem of Manual Data In-accuracies.

Daily Production


Most of the shop-floors have dedicated personnel for reporting and maintaining Daily Production Reports. This leads to boxes of paper reports difficult to analyze.

Lack of Real-time


There is no real-time monitoring on any shop floor for data & utilization. The management has hardly any control over the production floor.

We address this key issue.

You may have incorporated the best practices and systems in your factory but how do you measure the Output / Result

Cosmos digiFAC

As a precision part manufacturer, you know where your money is made – Your Machine Shop. It is important to understand how the machines are functioning and contributing to the GVA of the company. In order to improve the efficiency of factories, the users need to first understand the current status of their machines. Only then can they figure out the corresponding action needed to improve the efficiency.

Are you ready  to find the hidden factory within your factory ?

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