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Award Winning : You Ji VHL Aircraft Series – Vertical Turning Centers with Side Head

The five-machine series of You Ji VHL vertical turning centers with side head is ideally suited to aerospace manufacturing applications. The combination of a vertical ram and integrated horizontal side head facilitate multitasking including turning, drilling, tapping, milling and grinding. The horizontal ram can reach past wide diameters and turn difficult-to-reach areas, enabling use of shorter tools and eliminating the need to move a part to other machines. The side head permits side milling without the use of a right angle head, and allows pinch-turning of thin-walled aerospace components such as engine casings.

Maximum turning diameters for machines in the series range from 63″ (1600 mm) to 133″ (3378 mm).

Two synchronized spindles reduce cutting time and increases efficiency by more than 30 percent.

The X- and Z-axes of the machines are a box way design with hand-scraped mating surfaces coated with Turcite B for smooth and precise movement. The large, square Z-axis ram is extremely rigid even when fully extended. Precision class 3 ballscrews are driven directly by the servo motors, eliminating belts or gears. The cross rail’s hydraulically driven movement on box ways is programmable and movable in 200 mm (7.8″) increments. Positive locking pins/dual lead screws clamp the rail is clamped into position to insure it is always level.

The heavy duty spindle incorporates Timken cross roller bearings and NN type roller bearings to withstand high axial and radial loads. Spindle motors offer 60-100 hp and 9,220 – 46,65p lb-ft of torque. A two-speed gearbox transmits power through an intermediate gearbox and the machine table is driven by ring and pinion gear that provides further gear reduction and torque multiplication.

The 2-axis side head employs BT-50 or Capto C-6 tooling and features a horizontal 9.8″ (248 mm) square ram that enables heavy side cutting on tall parts. A live spindle is optional. Manual tool change is standard and automatic tool changing of the side head is optional. The umbrella-style automatic tool changer stores twelve 50-taper tools, and larger tool magazines are optional.

* Article Courtesy Absolute Machinery

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