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Fully Upgraded Double Column :: MAXIMUS & ZEUS

We bring to you our new and upgraded Double Column Series. Developed specially for Heavy Cutting application and High Stability. – Maximus Series and – Zeus Series, Cosmos has relaunched the whole range from 2212 upto 63xx .

Cosmos Double Column Series is capable of handling heavy hogging on large oversized workpieces and provides the accuracy that is required for aerospace and die mold applications.


The Zeus series ( Z-2212, Z-3212 & Z-2215, Z-3215 ) offers 2200 and 3200mm travel for X axis. With 2 options for Y axis 1200 and 1500mm . The standard spindle speed for ZEUS series is 6,000 RPM with BBT-50 spindle taper. The Single Piece bridge type structure of the ZEUS makes it highly stable during long cutting durations. The maximum spindle horsepower output is 30 HP with 6,000 RPM spindle that is needed for heavy metal removal.


The Maximus series ( 1700mm to 6000mm ) offers 1700mm to 6000mm travel for X axis. The standard spindle speed for Maximus series is 4,000 RPM with BT-50 spindle taper. The maximum spindle horsepower output is 30 HP with two-speed gearbox transmission for high torque output on 4,000 RPM and optional 6,000 RPM spindle that is needed for heavy metal removal.


Both Cosmos Double Column is designed with SWISS roller type LM guideways on X- and Y-axis, and hardened and ground boxed ways for Z-axis to provide machining accuracy. The machine features a Y-axis design with Step Design and dual face holding that enhances the cutting rigidity necessary when the spindle is fully extended to the table. In addition, the headstock is supported by pneumatic cylinder and hydraulic counterbalance that offers smooth Z-axis movement required for 3D contouring applications. The machine structures are simulated through FEM analysis to achieve optimal rigidity for all machining direction.

To help ensure operating efficiency, the machines are equipped with double spiral type chip conveyor system to automatically discharge the metal chips to a centralized area.

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