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Taiwan Excellence Award Winner - LITZ 5 Axis Machine

Recognized by the customers, the high cost-performance value LU-400 5-axis machining center is equipped with state-of-the-art tilting rotary table, which is capable of producing complex automobile, aerospace, and medical parts in one set-up.

Expansion due to machining process is minimized by the built-in thermal compensation device via the control system and the in-line spindle design ensure the motor heat to be isolated from the source.

Two-way slide door design allows robot arm and pallet changer to be installed for versatile applications. Wide open space makes inspection and loading/unload at ease.

Heavy duty grease used in the lubrication system not only solves the issue of coolant fluid contamination, but also consumes as little dosage as possible to help protect the environment.

Ergonomic design of the control console is adjustable to the operator’s height and is easily approachable at any corner of the shop floor.

Equipped with rolling element sliders, all axes are guaranteed with high rigidity along with its structure. Smooth machining process and glossy surface finish on the workpiece testifies the remarkable contour control.

By utilizing advanced technology, exclusive components, and modern control solutions, this high end machining center realized high accuracy, high efficiency, and easy accessibility all in one unit. All the advantages contribute the LU-400 the best buy 5-axis machine in the ever-competitive machine tool arena.

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