Our Product Range

We focus to bring the most cutting edge tools for the manufacturing industry at an optimum price. We work closely with recognized technology leaders in the machine tool industry to high reliability along with performance. Adding value to our customers at every stage of their journey keeps our team motivated.

CVM Series - Vertical Machining Center - VMC 

Efficient vertical machining solutions deliver precision, ROI, and high-quality parts. Our VMC solutions are made with high-quality builder components, all designed to provide speed and stability that drives profits and ROI while also delivering accuracy and precision.

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YCL Series - Vertical Turning Centers - VTL

The YCL Series elevates productivity and operational efficiency for companies producing components for industries with stringent requirements and tight tolerances that demand high precision

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MT Series - Vertical Milling Tapping and Drilling Center

The Milltap maximizes production efficiencies for shops using including shorter cycle times, less waste, and lower manufacturing costs. After we help machine shops select the process for their needs, to strategically integrate the new DTC into action.





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digiFAC -Digital Facotry Solution - IIOT - Industry 4.0

We help you get the real control data from your factory to your computer with any human interference in REAL-TIME.

Because if you can measure it your can improve it. 

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