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MillTAP Series  Quick | Precise | Rigid

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Cosmos Milltap Center Powered by Akira S

Drill Tap Center for Focussed Production

Cosmos Milltap Series is a result of longterm strategic partnership with Akira Seiki. This Partnership holds the key to the MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE of a True Drill Tap Centers EXCELLENT RELIABILITY MillTap Series as the name suggest is our high speed DTC for Milling, Drilling and Tapping in high production environment.Highly recommended for batch production of compact components.MillTap address 2 KEY Revenue Generating Areas HIGH SPEED Quick Production + SMALL FOOTPRINT for max. no. of spindle per sq. foot


Key Features

Efficiency Guaranteed

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High Speed Servo ATC 

Tool change time


MILLTAP  is  Quick

Chip to Chip @ 2 sec
   Tool to Tool  @ 1.5 sec

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